1. Install
  2. Installing SvelteShip


Installing SvelteShip

Setting up SvelteShip and required dependencies

  1. Create a new repo

    Click on use this template button to create a new repo with the SvelteShip boilerplate.

  2. Clone the repo

            git clone https://github.com/[your_username]/[your_repo_name].git
    cd [your_repo_name]
  3. Start local server

    Install dependencies and run the template locally

            npm install
    npm run dev -- --open

    SvelteShip requires Node 18+, use node -v to see your version. To update npm to the latest version, use npm install -g npm@latest.

Your app should now be running on http://localhost:5173, or check your terminal for the port number.


The current env file only has placeholders values, you will need to fill in the values for your app as you add integrations. (Supabase,Stripe,Mailgun). Tutorials are available for all features.